Inis School Management System

Inis School Management System

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iNiLabs School Management System 10 in 1 Application
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Advanced & Dynamic Marking System
Attendance Management
Online Examination System
Invoicing System
Inventory Management
Leave Management
Library Management
Online Admission Management
Frontend Website CMS Management
35+ Reports

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username: admin
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password: 123456
username: student
password: 123456
Username: parent
Password: 123456

If you searching for a tools that helps you to manage your school database then you are at the right place.

Managing an entire school is not so easy task and there are lots of systems available around that can use to manage strong admission, enrollment, courses, accounts, communication, student monitoring and for others. Why not utilize a complete solution as a single & streamlined platform .

That’s why we came up with “iNiLabs school management system”.

iNiLabs offers the most ever user-friendly school management system, with more than 250+ features, including admission & course management, online exam, grade books, attendance & leave management, hostel & transport management, ebooks & library management, HR management, invoicing, inventory, advanced user management with unlimited user roles, mail & SMS management, More that 8+ online payments & SMS gateway, 100+ reports and many more.

Additionally you’ll have:

  • Built-in 15+ language pack
  • Modern, responsive & user-friendly interface
  • 24/7 support by human
  • Easy & clean documentation

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