School Management system Pro

School Management system Pro


This is a WordPress plugin to manage one or multiple schools and their entities such as classes, sections, students, exams, ID cards, admit cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, income, expense, noticeboard, study materials, staff/teacher can send the homework SMS on student/ parents mobile number and much more.  Your school take live classes of your students using the zoom, Create an unlimited live session with our system. You can publish the result and admit cards,  certificates in publically.  without any logging of students, they can get the result using student details.

Now eLearning management : You can upload the subject wise Video Classes ( Recorded Video Classes ) and Documents PNG, JPG, PDF Files or YouTube Video also.

Payment gateway: Paypal, Stripe, Pesapal, Paystack, Razorpay, PayTM

SMS Service Provider: Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91, TextLocal, EBulkSMS, Infigo SMS

Android Mobile App :  It allow to student and parents login and manage the student related activities just like, Home work, Study Material, Book issue, Class Time-table,  Attendance , Student profile details. Exam result, admit card, Notification, Events, Fee Invoice, Payment History and More etc.

School Management Admin Demo Login Details:

U-Name: userdemo | Pass : userdemo

Username: school_administrator | Pass : 123456

Username: school_teacher | Pass : 123456

Username: accountant | Pass : 123456

Username: student1 | Pass : 123456

Username: parent1 | Pass : 123456


User. : receptionist | Pass : 123456


User. : librarian | Pass : 123456
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